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Early Years Foundation Stage



At Weston Park, the Early Years Foundation Stage encompasses the children’s learning, development and welfare in Nursery (Klee) and our Reception Class (Matisse). The children all follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which incorporates 7 areas of learning:

Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design, Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

We provide a play-based curriculum which uses both the indoor and outdoor environment, which helps the children develop lively and enquiring minds as well as social and physical skills.  We plan the curriculum through a continuous programme of observation and assessment of each child, so that it is appropriate to the needs and development of the individual.   Parents play a vital role in their children’s education and we encourage their active involvement.

Nursery: Klee – Felicity Headen

In the Nursery, we particularly value creative development across the board and view this period as a perfect opportunity for fostering imagination and spontaneity, which are important tools for future learning. We encourage children to freely experiment with ideas and resources for much of the time, without the constraints of adult-defined outcomes.  Staff ensure that adult-led activities are not over prescriptive, and allow opportunities for self-expression.

More information on the staff team, school day, Early Years teaching and class activities is available on the Nursery – Klee page.

Reception: Matisse – Lauren Wright

Reception represents the second year of the Early Years Foundation Stage and whilst being run on very similar lines to the Nursery, the children now stay for the full day and receive more whole-class and small group teaching, as well as participating in whole-school events where appropriate. The curriculum is largely delivered through mini-topics which are developed through the children’s interests.  These will include visits out of school.  We teach early literacy skills. Phonics is taught through a combination of a synthetic phonics programme called R.M.L (Ruth Miskin Literacy) and Letters and Sounds.

More information on the staff team, school day, Early Years teaching and class activities is available on the Reception-Matisse page.