Friday 3rd February 2017 – Dali Class


Dear Parents and Carers,


Next Tuesday February 7th is Safer Internet Day and we are taking the opportunity to continue our work with the children on how they can stay safe on line.  It is essential that all children develop the skills to identify and avoid risk;  they will either watch a presentation or have an assembly that will help them learn these skills.   In class we will be following this up with a related activity.  To help you support your child to stay safe, you can either access the  ‘Thinkuknow’ materials on the school website, under the parents and carers section, or access them through​​


We enjoyed our skipping workshops this week (teachers included!).  If your child purchased (or already owns) a skipping rope then they are allowed to bring this in to use at playtimes but it must be marked with their name.



This week we have been using the iPads to research Nigeria and Canada in preparation for the information books we are creating.  We talked about how to search the internet both effectively and safely and how to filter out the less useful results.  We also learnt about how to use  apostrophes for possession with singular and proper nouns (e.g. Jimmy’s pizzas are the tastiest or The bike’s brakes were very squeaky).



We have been practising multiplication this week.  First we thought of multiplication as being the same as repeated addition with equal groups (i.e 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 5 x 3).  We then focused on learning and revising the 2x and 5x table.



We are thinking about the importance of a healthy diet and planning a nutritious meal.



In Geography we have been devising simple maps of our local area and have used and constructed out own basic symbols in a key.



We are looking at nature and using our observations to create our own repeating patterns.



This week we have provided a range of activities.  There is no obligation for your child to complete them all.


Your child has been given a sheet to help them to practise using apostrophes for possession (e.g. The girl’s hair is blonde.)


On the reverse your child has been given some 2 Times Tables Activites.



This week we are looking at words containing ‘c’ as ‘s’ (e.g. cinema, mince, fence, cancel). The general rule is that the ‘c’ sound is soft and sounds like ‘s’ when it is followed by: e, i or y. Your child has been given a ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ sheet to support them in learning these words.  They should start by highlighting/ underlining the ‘c’ sound in each word.  As an extension they can also add any other words they can think of which use this pattern to the bottom of the sheet and a sentence(s) where they use a ‘c’ word in context.


On the reverse there is also a sheet of high frequency words that will help with visual discrimination.


Next week we will practise some of these words informally on whiteboards as part of dictation sentences.


Have a great week,


Best wishes,



Mel and Sarah