Dali Class  – Friday 5th May 2017


Dear Parents/ Carers,


Over the next three weeks, your children will be carrying out the SATs assessments.  We have spoken about how these “show offs” are nothing for them to worry or be concerned about but are intended to help us to help them with their learning.  You might like to watch the Key Stage 1 video for parents that the government have posted under this link:


We would ask if you could support your child in being well-rested (no late nights!) so that they can give each paper their best effort.  Consequently we are not setting any specific homework this weekend other than the spellings.

Danielle, our student, has been taking on more of the teaching in class and has been preparing some very engaging and informative lessons.


This week we practised researching different areas of Conservation (such as recycling, saving energy and not littering).  The children took notes from reference books and then used these to create eye-catching posters informing others what they should do to help our planet using command sentences such as ‘Put your Litter in the Bin’ or ‘Turn Lights Out in Empty Rooms’.


We have been looking at money this week and have been counting and comparing different amounts.  Please encourage your child to help you to count out amounts of money (notes and coins) when shopping.


This week we are examining Food Chains.


Our new R.E. topic with be Islam under the theme of ‘Community and Belonging and the overarching question is ‘Does going to the mosque give Muslims a sense of belonging?’ ​​



This week we have sent home a list of words adding ‘endings’ to words ending in consonant and ‘y’ (such as spied/ spying, happiest and bumpier).  Your child has been given a ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ sheet to support them in learning these words. On the reverse there is also a sheet of high frequency words that will help with visual discrimination.  THERE IS NO NEED TO HAND THE SPELLINGS IN FOR MARKING but please do ensure your child completes both sides as next week we will practise some of these words informally on whiteboards as part of dictation sentences


Any questions do not hesitate to ask us.


Best wishes,


Mel and Sarah