Dali Class Letter – Thursday 10th February 2017


Dear Parents/ Carers,


A letter is due to go out with more details regarding World Book Day which this year takes place on Thursday 2nd March 2017.  We will be inviting the children to dress up as a character from a book so you might like to start thinking about a costume over the half term break!


This week Mike Burson, a PGCE student from the Institute of Education, has been in Dali class and, with our support, he has delivered certain lessons.


After half term we will be talking about a national campaign called ‘Show the Love’. The project relates to climate change and protecting places/ things we love. In preparation, please could your child bring in a photo or picture of a place they love. It could be a favourite tree, beach, Hampstead Heath…



We have looked at the 2, 5 and 10 times table this week.  We investigated the links between these times tables and considered the commutative law (the way that multiplication of two numbers can be done in any order).


This week we have been using the laptops and have used Word to produce a document.  We have transferred our research notes on Canada and Nigeria and written full sentences in a template before practising changing font size, underlining, adding photos etc.


This week’s skill is to gather and record results. We will be discussing the importance of exercise and designing a simple test to investigate if some forms of exercise are better for you than others.



We will be finishing last week’s art looking at patterns in the playground, and using these to create our own repeating patterns.


Mike taught the children about 3D maps and we had a go at making our own 3D map of fictional ‘Spring Town’.  We looked at our 2D maps from last week and then used junk modelling materials to represent the human and natural features on our maps.


Please remind your child to always put their name on any loose sheets of homework they are handing in.  We have a lot of work that we mark but then cannot return it to a child as there is no name on it!


Half Term Reading Challenge

We would like your children to carry out the ‘60 Minute Reading Challenge’ and the details for this are in the sheet they were given today (which we would like you to sign and return after the holidays).  If they read more or less than 60 minutes that is fine but you can support them in deciding what is an appropriate reading challenge for them.



This week we are looking at ‘kn’ and ‘gn’ as /n/ (e.g. knot, knees, gnat and gnome) at the beginning of words.  These are all Viking words derived from Old Norse where the silent letters used to be pronounced.  Your child has been given a ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ sheet to support them in learning these words.  They should start by highlighting/ underlining the ‘kn’ or ‘gn’ sound in each word.  As an extension they can also add any other words they can think of which use this pattern to the bottom of the sheet and a sentence(s) where they use a ‘gn’ and ‘kn’ word in context.


On the reverse there is also a sheet of high frequency words that will help with visual discrimination.


After half term we will practise some of these words informally on whiteboards as part of dictation sentences.


Have a lovely half term break.


Best wishes,

Mel and Sarah