Dali Class Letter – 2nd March 2018



Hope you are all enjoying long weekend with your children. Happygram Tea was cancelled as our school was closed on Friday but it will take place next week.



This week in English we finished our ‘Disgusting Sandwich’ stories and learnt how to correct and improve our work. We practiced adding suffixes to root words and looked at phonics rules to help us with spellings.



In Maths we have looked at 3D shapes and their properties. We’ve learnt all about vertices, edges and faces. We compared 3D shapes to one another in order to find similarities and differences. Children cut out some shapes’ nets and made triangular prisms, cubes, cuboids and square based pyramids.



N/A due to school being closed on Friday.


Book Day – Roald Dahl

On book day we wrote character’s descriptions based on what we came in dressed as, we looked at content of a well written description and importance of paragraphs in a description’s layout. We designed new front cover to our favorite Roald Dahl stories and role-played in small groups our favorite parts from his books.



This week we are asking you to practice more common exception words and try to complete few questions based around 2D and 3D shapes.



Have a lovely weekend,

Agnes and Harriet