Dali Class – Thursday 20th October 2016


Dear Parents and Carers,


Many thanks to those parents who were able to help us on our trip to Sutton House in Hackney.  The children took park in a fantastic workshop and got to dress us as either rich Tudors or servants who were coming to the House to get a job.  They were kept very busy stoking the fires; churning butter; sweeping the kitchen floors and rocking the baby before the day culminated in a Tudor ‘feast’ in the Great Chamber.


Hopefully half term will give your child the opportunity to do some extra reading.  If possible, could you please bring in a photo (printed not emailed please) of your child enjoying their favourite book.



We discussed the meaning of the term ‘length’ and practised measuring and estimating different lengths. We discussed the dimensions ‘height’ and ‘width’ and compared, estimated and measured different heights and widths.



We talked about the features of a recount and then planned and wrote one of our trip to Sutton House



This week we are drawing conclusions following our investigation into the absorbency of materials.





Centimetres and m

Work with your child to measure various objects around the home.  He/ she should make an estimate (‘sensible guess’) first and then measure using a ruler or tape measure (in cms not inches please!).  If your child is comfortable measuring objects less than 30cm, you can then move on to measuring items up to and over a metre.  They should record their measurements as 142cm or 1m 42cm.  Can they also find out which of you has the longest jump/shortest hair/shortest leg/longest throw etc?


Spelling Homework

This week we used a mnemonic to help us remember a certain spelling rule. The FLoSS rule helps us to understand when to double the final “f”, “l” and “s” consonants at the end of certain words.   The word “floss” actually follows the FLoSS rule.  When a /f/, /l/ /s/ (or /z/) is heard after a short vowel at the end of a one-syllable word, it is spelled with a double “ff”, “ll”, “ss” or “zz” (e.g. puff, drill, less, buzz).  Please help your child to think of more words which follow this rule.


Our high frequency words of the week are:  one   once   ask


We hope you have a lovely half term break.


Best wishes,


Mel and Sarah