Dali – Thursday 22nd September 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

If you have any junk modelling materials that you would be able to donate to the classroom we would be grateful for these. We will put a sign up in the window once we have gathered enough!

Our new topic is Queen Elizabeth and The Tudors and to link with this we have organised a trip to Sutton House on Tuesday 18th October. We are in need of 5 parent volunteers to accompany us on this day so if you are available do please let one of us know. We will operate on a first come, first selected basis but then will also try to ensure that on any future trips we select different parents so that you all get a chance to join us on a trip if you so wish.

Please do check that your child’s P.E. kit is in school at all times as we still have children with no kit or items missing. We also keep finding unlabelled items on the carpet so can you please double check that every piece has their name inside?

English – We have been learning about nouns (naming words of people, places or things) and have also written some fantastic character descriptions of Mr Fox. We have tried to describe both his outward appearance and also his personality traits and attributes.

Maths – We used pictures of objects and physical objects to confirm that addition can be done in any order but subtraction cannot. We also practised addition/ subtraction facts to 20 using pictures of objects and identified all four related addition/ subtraction number facts from number ‘trios’. We applied this in a practical way to use inverse calculations to check our answers. We also used a number line to answer questions involving subtraction as ‘finding the difference’.

Science – This week we will be recording results and talking about how you can change the shape of certain materials with your hands (e.g. by stretching, pulling, bending etc.).


To reinforce the work we are doing in science, please could your child have a go at this BBC game and subsequent quiz where they think about properties of materials.


Spellings/ Phonics – This term we are revising our Set 3 sounds. Your child has been given a sheet which they should fill in based on the weeks two sounds which are oy (as in boy) and oi (as in coin). Our three high frequency words of the week are:

here   there   where


On the reverse side of the sheet your child has been given is an example of how the sheet should be filled in each week (the example uses the ay and a_e sounds). Your child does not need to hand these in but please ensure they are completed and you might like to stick them up at home so your child can think about the sounds of the week, all week.

Have a lovely weekend and do not hesitate to speak to either Mel or Sarah if you have any questions or concerns.


Best wishes,


Mel & Sarah