Dali Class Letter – Thursday 23rd February 2017


Dear Parents/ Carers,


A reminder that World Book Day takes place next Thursday 2nd March 2017. You have been sent a separate letter about this but the children are invited to dress up as their favourite character from a book (fiction or non-fiction).


We will also taking part in a bookmaking workshop with a local artist next Monday and Wednesday and each child will produce a beautiful book using a marbling technique.



This week we have been solving word problems involving multiplication before moving on to the concept of division as grouping and sharing.


This week we have been acting out a scene from ‘Anna Hibiscus’ before ‘freeze framing’ the action and then writing our thoughts/ feelings in character on thought bubbles.  We also wrote notes of advice (on beautiful notepaper!) to Anna and her family suggesting ways that they can enjoy their upcoming holiday despite, for example, Anna being worried about having no one to play with and mum being anxious about how to entertain the baby twins safely.


We will be talking about the importance of keeping clean and carrying out an investigation to observe how germs stick to our hands.



We have been learning about where and how Buddhists worship and even practised some simple meditation!



Your child has a sheet to help them Multiply and Divide by 10 (and as an extension the sheet suggests how they can practise dividing by 5 and 2 using everyday objects).


This week we are looking at ‘wr’ as /r/ (e.g. wrist, wreck and wrapped) at the beginning of words. Your child has been given a ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ sheet to support them in learning these words.  They should start by highlighting/ underlining the ‘wr’ sound in each word.  As an extension they can also add any other words they can think of which use this pattern to the bottom of the sheet and a sentence(s) where they use a ‘wr’ word in context.


On the reverse there is also a sheet of high frequency words that will help with visual discrimination.


Next week we will practise some of these words informally on whiteboards as part of dictation sentences.



Best wishes,

Mel and Sarah