Dali Class – Thursday 29th September 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

Many thanks for the parents who have volunteered to join us on our trip at Sutton House on Tuesday 18th October. We have space for one more parent/ carer and if you would like to help us do please let us know.

English – We talked about themes and identified one of the themes in ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ as being about Animals versus Humans and the idea of the former outsmarting the latter! The children worked in groups to prepare an argument for or against the statement ‘Animals are less important then humans’ before Mel chaired a lively debate! We also talked about Roald Dahl’s use of alliteration and came up with alliterative phrase to describe ourselves.

Maths – This week we identified common 2-D shapes by recognising their properties. We were introduced to regular pentagons, hexagons and octagons. and identified vertical lines of symmetry in a variety of images. We used a mirror to check for symmetry in 2-D shapes. We also developed our own success criteria for using a ruler and drew triangles and rectangles on squared paper by marking vertices and joining them with straight lines.

Science – This week we are planning plan a fair test to assess waterproof materials.

Art – We have been talking about the work of Dali and producing our own surrealist art based on his ‘Elephants’ painting.


To reinforce the work we are doing in maths, your child should pick one (or more) of the following activities:

2D ID: On walks, drives or at home, spot and name any 2D shapes that you see (e.g. road signs = triangle, window = square). Draw or photograph them, then label them with any properties that you know (e.g. number of straight or curved sides and vertices).

2D Cutting: From newspapers/magazines, cut out pictures of 2Dshapes (e.g. a circular clock etc) to make colourful pictures.

Shape Make: Use an old food box or greetings card to make a range of 2D shapes. Quadrilaterals and triangles should be easy, as should irregular pentagons, hexagons, heptagons and octagons. You can draw around cans, coins, etc for different circles. Cut out the shapes and use them as templates to create interesting pictures. Can you use them to draw a robot?

2D Drawing: Use accurate ruler skills (or shapes made above) to make a picture using 2D shapes. E.g. a house with square windows, rectangular door, circular door handle etc).

Spellings/ Phonics –Your child has been given a template which they should fill in based on the weeks two sounds which are the short oo (as in look or football) and the long oo (as in moon or cartoon). Our three high frequency words of the week are:

come     some   friend

Once again, your child does not need to hand these in but please ensure they are completed and you might like to stick them up at home so your child can think about the sounds of the week, all week.

Have a lovely weekend and do not hesitate to speak to either of us if you have any questions or concerns.


Best wishes,


Mel & Sarah