Delaunay Class Letter – 3rd February 2017


·     Next Tuesday February 7th is Safer Internet Day and we are taking the opportunity to continue our work with the children on how they can stay safe on line.  It is essential that all children develop the skills to identify and avoid risk; they will either watch a presentation or have an assembly that will help them learn these skills.   In class we will be following this up with a related activity.  To help you support your child to stay safe, you can either access the  ‘Thinkuknow’ materials on the school website, under the parents and carers section, or access them through​​

·     The last day of term is Friday 10th February.


This week the children have looked at shape. They have learnt to recognize if shapes have been grouped by shape or by colour, and have learnt how to make patterns using shape. The children have also investigated measuring themselves. They have measured their height, their armspans and arm lengths using different parts of their body. Next week we will start to measure using a ruler.


We have continued to finish our book, One Day on Our Blue Planet in the Savannah. We have created a foodchain starting from the sun and going all the way up to the lion. We are starting to write our own version of the book through the eyes of a different animal… an ostrich chick!


Following on from our rain gauge experiment the children created a graph to show their results. They plotted the days of the week on the x axis and the y axis had the amount of rain. We have also looked at the weather forecast for next week. We are going to go outside and check the weather each day to see if it is correct.


tion (pay attention, it’s a celebration)

cious/tious (scrumptious, delicious)

High frequency words:

Who, what, why, where.


There is a phonics practice sheet in your homework book. Please help your child complete and work out which of this week’s sounds they should be using.

Your children used their hands and feet to measure themselves this week (e.g. an arm is 8 hands long). Please find how many fingers long the items on the sheet are in your house!

Have a lovely weekend,