Delaunay Class Newsletter – Friday 16th September


The children have continued to settle in really well into their new school routine. Well done Year 1!



We have begun learning the story of ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ by Roald Dahl. We recognized the crocodile as a naughty character and created ‘WANTED’ posters with a description and reward. The children also created a story S to sequence the events of the story. During free-flow the children have pulled together to create a very impressive ENORMOUS crocodile model. Please do come and take a look!


Next week we will continue to look at the story and discuss the interesting adjectives that are used to describe the characters and their actions.



We have focused on ordering numbers using the numberline. We have looked at one more and one less and the children know the different language that can be used when adding and subtracting.


Next week the children will be constructing number sentences using dice, hoops and beanbags.


Sounds of the week:

sh     th    ch


Home learning:

One star challenge:


In your child’s book bag is a phonics task, please ask your child to look carefully at the pictures and sound out and write the words using this week’s sounds.


Two star Challenge:


Can you create a silly sentence using this week’s sounds? If so, please record in your homework book.



Our new topic is ‘Our World’; we will be focusing on the seven continents over the course of the half term. Next week is Europe week. It would be great if you could start a discussion with your child about Europe over the weekend so they come to class with some prior knowledge.

Key questions:


Q: Where is Europe found on the globe? Can you name any countries that are part of Europe?

Q: What is the weather like in different parts of Europe?

Q: What types of food are popular in the different countries in Europe?

Q: What languages are spoken in Europe?


P.E kits:

This week there were a number of children without P.E kits. Our P.E days are Mondays and Wednesdays; children must have a full Weston Park P.E. kit which can be purchased from reception.


After school football club

Please note that it is the parents responsibility to take the children from school over to the after school football club. In the past parents have organized a rota to take turns in doing this. This may be something you would like to organize between yourselves.


Have a lovely weekend,