Delaunay Class Letter – 18th November 2016



  • Some children are still missing Weston Park P.E kits. They can be bought from reception.
  • The week after half term will be orange group’s turn to do show and tell.
  • Thanks to all the parent helpers that came on Tuesday and Thursday this week!
  • Next week on Thursday 24th November it is Enabling Enterprise day. More info on this is to follow.



The children have been thinking hard about how they might have felt if they were at the Great Fire of London. They wrote what they could see, hear, smell, feel and taste. They then used these ideas to write a diary entry in the first person. There are some super diary entrys!



The children have learnt to recognize all of the different coins. They know that the size does not show the value and that smaller coins can be worth more than bigger coins. They used coins to pay for pieces of fruit and recorded what coins they needed.



In science we went to Stationers park. The children worked in groups to identify objects that were alive, not alive, and once alive. They took photos of to show what they found and explained to the class what each photo showed.



This week the children have thought carefully about the construction of the houses in the 17th century. With this in mind they created 3D houses using cuboid and square based pyramid nets to create a tall house shape. Next week they will decorate these with straw and wood, just like the originals!



Sounds of the Week:

ay (may I play?)

ee (what can you see?)

oy (toy for a boy)



High Frequency words:

Come, some, my, by


Home Learning:


Number bonds with 7. The children are using the ‘part part whole’ method to learn the connections between numbers in maths. The children need to work out all the different ways of adding two numbers to make 7 and write them into the grid like the example below. From this please help them create as many number sentences as possible.



2 5


5+2=7, 7-2=5, etc.



The children also have a phonics board game with the ou (shout it out) and the ow (brown cow) words to read.


High Frequency words:

Can the children write a sentence with each of the high frequency words in on the sheets provided. We have been practicing putting the words into sentences in class.


Have a lovely weekend.