Delaunay Class Letter – 2nd December 2016



  • Next week will be green group’s turn to do show and tell.
  • On Tuesday 6th December, Delaunay Class will be going on a school trip to Jacksons Lane Theatre to see ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. The performance is at 1:30pm, we’ll leave school at 12:20pm and travel to Jacksons Lane on the W5 bus. The trip is partially funded by the HSA, but we ask parents for a £3 donation. Please pay at the school office. We have enough parent helpers so thank you very much for volunteering.
  • Children will need a packed lunch to eat before we leave for Jackson’s Lane on Tuesday 6th December.
  • The school Christmas Fair will take place on Saturday 10thDecember 2:00pm – 4:00pm
  • The EYFS and KS1 Christmas performance will take place on Tuesday 13thDecember at 9:30am.
  • Christmas Jumper day is on Friday 16th December in aid of Save the Children. Donate £1 and your child can wear their own Christmas jumper to school.



The children have continued to learn the story of Beegu. They have been answering questions by using their imagination and using full sentences. They have also used fantastic interesting words to describe the feelings and emotions Beegu went through during her time on Earth.


We will continue to look at Beegu next week and imagine where she came from. We will use exciting adjectives to describe clearly what we are imagining.



The children have worked really hard on using number bond diagrams to help them with addition. They have learnt to fill in missing numbers in sentences, e.g. 3 + ? = 7. Next week we will look at using the same techniques to master subtraction with a deeper understanding.



In science the children drew around a body laid on a huge piece of paper. As we drew round we thought about what part of the body it is. We then labelled a body with lots and lots of different parts.




Sounds of the Week:

ai (snail in the rain)

ew (chew the stew)

oa (goat in a boat)

ea (cup of tea)


High Frequency words:

Words ending in –y. For example; happy, party, every, family.


Home Learning:


Number bonds with 9. The children are using the ‘part part whole’ method to learn the connections between numbers in maths. The children need to work out all the different ways of adding two numbers to make 9 and write them into the grid like the example below. From this please help them create as many number sentences as possible.



3 6


6+3=9, 9-3=6, etc.


The children have also learnt that the equals sign can be used anywhere in the number sentence, e.g. 9=7+2 so they could practice this in their number sentences.



The children also have a phonics worksheet with pictures to identify using the sounds.


Have a lovely weekend.