Delaunay Class Newsletter – Friday 20th October


This week we have been creating monster characters for our own monster stories. The children have really enjoyed illustrating and using adjectives to describe their characters and then composing a mini adventure for their character. We used storyboards to sketch and plan our stories and write them. It has been wonderful to see all the children really engaged in their writing.

We have also been revisiting all the sounds and tricky words we have taught over this half term and introduced non-sense/alien words to ensure the children use and are secure with their phonic knowledge, e.g. thip   ling   platch   duff   wull     shozz.


In maths we have been doing lots of counting back from various numbers and looking at subtraction. We have been teaching the children how to show their working out, e.g. crossing out and encouraging children to explain how they know. We have also introduced subtraction worded problems and how to write the equation. The children have also made up their own subtraction number stories.

Next Term

Next term we will be starting our new topic on animals. If you have any non-fiction books, particularly about sharks and creatures that live in the sea, please bring them in to share with the class.   If you know or find out any interesting sharks facts, please write them down and we will display them on our shark fact display.

Please bring in an empty plastic bottle and two toilet roll tubes for our junk modelling project.

How you can help at home.

Please continue reading with your child for 10 minutes every day and talk about the story.

Help your child learn the number bonds to 10 and if ready to 20. This link explains what number bonds are and there are interactive games to help your child learn these number facts.


Have a lovely restful half term,

Sarah and Suzanne