Delaunay Class Letter – 24th February 2017



  • Dressing Up for Charity: On Thursday March 2nd, your child can dress up as their favourite character from a book. We will be asking for a contribution of £1 per child, which will be donated to the charity Book Aid International who send books to African schools, libraries and classrooms (see their website for details and costume ideas – More info on school headlines.
  • On 9th March Delaunay Class will be visiting Crouch End Picturehouse to hear an interactive story from an author and illustrator. We will be out of school from 9.45am to 12pm. Please take £2.50 to the office to cover the cost of the event.
  • On Monday can you please bring in some old newspaper and an old top (to protect your children’s clothing). A local artist is coming in to work with Delaunay class to do some marbelling work.
  • Delaunay Class have got through all the junk modelling we had in the cupboard. We would be grateful for any more that you could bring in once again.
  • Please can I remind all parents to remain outside the classroom when dropping children off in the morning and at collection time, unless a meeting has been arranged.



This week the children have become more familiar with numbers from 20 to 40. We have looked at place value with these numbers and looked at ways to count bigger numbers more speedily. Delaunay class can count in 2s, 5s and 10s!

Next week we will look at number patterns up to 40. We will also start a new topic of word problems.



This week, the children have started a new book called The Dark by Lemony Snicket. We spent a lot of time looking at the front cover, and making predictions of what the book was about, whom we thought the boy was and where we thought he was looking. We made the classroom as dark as we could and crept around as quietly as possible. The children told each other how they might be feeling if they were the boy. They came up with some fantastic emotion words such as spooked, panicky, petrified and nervous.


Next week we will start to read the beginning of the book, and find out if our predictions were accurate.



In science the children have shown a great interest in how rainbows are formed. The children knew that the sunlight hit drops of rain and this split the light into lots of different colours. We used that knowledge to try and create our own rainbows using torches, water, mirrors and prisms. The children experimented with angles and different materials and soon managed to create their own rainbows. Well done Delaunay class!



ay (may I play)

ai (snail in the rain)

a-e (make a cake)

ie (thief stole a piece)


High frequency words:

We have added s/es to words e.g. catches, spends, dogs.



Phonics – Please complete the worksheet with the ay, ai and a-e sounds. Please also fill in the grid with the plural of the words.

Maths – Please look at the sheet provided. Answer the questions using the numbers from 20 to 40.


Have a lovely weekend.