Delaunay Class Letter – 4th November 2016



  • Some children are still missing Weston Park P.E kits. They can be bought from reception.
  • The week after half term will be red group’s turn to do show and tell.



This week the children have been learning the tale of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children unpicked the story and found all the words that were adjectives. They then came up with their own adjectives to describe the wolf and created a huge word bank. We then added the adjectives into a sentence to make it more interesting and descriptive.


Next week we will be writing factual information about the Great Fire of London.



This week the children have learnt how to partition numbers. They have learnt to recognize the tens and units within 2 digit numbers and how to visualize this. They call the tens chips and the units peas!


Next week we will learn number bonds. The children have already learnt what these are but we will look at the relationships between number bonds.



Sounds of the Week:

igh (fly high)

ow (blow the snow)

oo (look at a book)

oo (poo at the zoo)


High Frequency words:

Words ending in ‘ve’ have, live, give.


Home Learning:


Number bonds with 5. The children are starting to use a ‘part part whole’ method to learn the connections between numbers in maths. The children need to work out all the different ways of adding two numbers to make 5 and write them into the grid like the example below. From this please help them create as many number sentences as possible.



2 3


3+2=5, 5-2=3, etc.



The children also have a phonics task relevant to the sounds they have learnt this week.


Have a lovely weekend.