Day 5 – “stop eating the sand. You need to save some room for your dinner”

After a having a wonderfully well deserved lie in this morning, we headed to the beach via the swimming pool to take in the sunshine and chill out for our final day in Spain. The children occupied themselves by burying each other in the sand, building pyramids, playing ball games and turning blue in the water, much to the delight of the locals who thought we were made of steel. If you can handle the water in Broadstairs in July, you can definitely cope with a late Autumn dip in Malaga. We then created a human spring board, catapulting children into the sea.

#gamenumber6 – which child managed a full back flip on the first try?

#gamenumber7 – which adult awoke all of the local residents with her ear piercing scream as she entered the water beyond waist height?

After being on the beach until 5pm, we slowly walked around the back streets of Fuengirola, leaving a trail of sand and sea water, until we found the only restaurant willing to accept 28 sandy children and six very tired and slightly pink adults. The children somehow managed to order 3 course meals, consisting of paella, spaghetti a la marinara, BBQ ribs, roast beef and enough cheesecake to feed the whole of the Costa Del Sol, while the adults were fed with bread and water.

Before bed, the children were all presented with an individual reward from the staff for their specific areas of expertise this week. Make sure you ask your child what their’s was for!

As Nic is sat here counting every cent to ensure we now have enough money to get to the airport, we are looking forward to flying home, handing your children over and finally getting some sleep. This week has been a triumph for Krasner class and they have represented their school tremendously in a foreign country. It has been a truly memorable week which will put them in great stead for secondary school, as they stand out in Spanish lessons (if they ever have to order an ice cream or fillet steak) amongst their peers. We are looking forward to sharing our week away with you all in more depth and over some tapas and Rioja on Wednesday 25th November at 7pm. Hasta Luego!