Day 4 – SMF – Spanish military fitness

In Spain, trains leave on time. However, the timetables to which children adhere are not so reliable. This meant that we had to partake in an early morning whole class exercise regime lead by staff sergeant Salerno, where we managed to shave off nine minutes from our usual eight minute journey to the station. Bob will be pleased to hear we have a whole class of budding cross country runners primed and ready to go on their return, who have been training with added weights of water, suncream, hats and sunglasses on their backs. The staff, however, may just have got their breath back in time for sports day.

The staff were so touched last night by the attentive service offered by their 10 year old waiters, who made sure their tables were all cleaned and plates washed and tidied away.

We have just arrived at school where we will share our presentations with the Spanish children. We will update you on the rest of today later.

Apologies for the binge of blogs – the power failure in our apartment has destroyed the router and we cannot use the wifi. We were told it would be repaired by yesterday evening but no such luck. We also do not have a strong enough mobile data signal in the apartments to upload, but hope you enjoy catching up on our last fews days all at once. We will endeavour to find a wifi hotspot more regularly over the next few days to keep you updated, but please look out for the texts as this is more reliable. All of the children are having a wonderful time and lapping up the culture, food and Spanish experience!