Day 1 – Fillet in #steakgate

After waving goodbye and heading upstairs, we observed the 2 minutes silence and then headed for security where only 4 of the 6 members of staff were searched!

We boarded our flight without a care in the world and all of the TicTacs available to buy at City airport.
We were served a delicious meal of cous cous salad and chicken/falafel, some of which ended up in our stomachs but most of which ended up on our laps – note to self: do not serve cous cous at 35000 feet.
It was pleasing to hear so many positive comments from members of the public about the children’s behaviour on the plane, considering the number of tic tics they must’ve discovered between their toes.
After boarding a plane and a train, we bypassed the automobiles and made our way on foot with bags to our humble marble floored penthouse. We had a quick turn around, walked a mile and a half in the other direction where our feast awaited. Seeing as they were so responsible during the day, we allowed the little darlings to choose whatever they wanted from the menu.
#gamenumber1 – name the three children who ordered fillet steak on the opening night, making up for a third of the total class bill. Answers on a postcard to Casa de la Pizza, where we are still doing the washing up….