Day 2 – Pompidou’s and Pompidon’ts

We awoke early, greeted by the smells of freshly boiled eggs, sausages, chocolate spread and Lynx (thanks for taking note of the post Pendarren requests).

We boarded a train back to Malaga centro and set on our adventure through the streets trying the local delicacies of ‘fartons’ to the amusement of all staff. One child commented that he loved the aftertaste that fartons left on the tongue. With 30 degrees beaming down on our shoulders, we were saved by the air con in the wonderful art gallery of George Pompidou. We split into groups and explored the gallery, trying out many of the hands-on activities on offer. We were really impressed by the questions the children asked and answered and their ability to comment on the range of skills used by artists from Picasso to Frieda Karlo. We then walked to Plaza de Merced where we met Picasso himself sitting motionless in bronze and had our photos taken with him. These will be available upon our return.

After gorging ourselves on Boccadillos, tortilla, chorizo and albondigas, the last thing we needed was an ice cream. So we bought 34.

#gamenumber2 – which headteacher bought the biggest ice cream?

With fake raybans in hand, We enjoyed the various flavours while walking back through the winding old streets to the train station and made our return journey to Fuengirola.

#gamenumber3 – guess our days pedometer reading.
a. 12 steps
b. 17 stone
c. 14.72km

The children then carried out and apprentice-style task, where they bought the food and drinks they needed for the evening meal.
That evening, the children worked as a team with the staff in the presidential suite preparing salads, pasta, sauce and garlic bread – a traditional Spanish meal. We later discovered our hotel turning into Fawlty Towers, where it was a case of ‘too many cooks trips the fuse’ and dinner was delayed slightly as we prepared our meal in the dark. All of the children laid their own tables, served their friends and did the washing up. Note for parents – no more need for pocket money, pounds or points to get your child to empty a dishwasher. #weknowwhoyouare

We have just settled in for an early night as we need to be up at silly o’clock to arrive at school bright eyed and bushy tailed.. Hasta Leugo