Year 4 Hasper Class Newsletter – Friday 16th September 2016
Dear Parents and Carers


Next Friday morning (23rd) I would like to take the class to Queen’s Wood to build shelters. We need enthusiastic parents who are happy to get their hands dirty and keep an eye on the groups. Please let me know if you can join us.

I regularly have meetings, training and other activities to do with the wider running of the school, some of which happen during the course of the school day. We always try to make sure the cover teacher is someone the children know and currently James Kelly is doing this in Hasper Class for me before he goes travelling.

English – This week the children annotated an image of a witch and they started to write notes about ways to spot one. They also started to create a warning poster about witches. Next week they will explore the text in The Witches in greater depth, particularly the descriptions of the Grand High Witch.

Maths – This week we continued to explore place value and partition numbers into thousands, hundreds, tens and units. The children ordered and compared these numbers. Next week we will focus on addition and subtraction.

Science – This week the children did an active assessment linked to digestion, teeth and food chains. Next week we will explore digestion in more detail.

Topic – This week we looked at how and why the Angles, Saxons and Jutes came to our country, exploring what it means to be a migrant at the same time. In Geography we identified continents and countries within them.


  • Spellings – Double consonant
  • Make sure that you read your guided reading book every day
  • Complete your maths homework sheet.

Have a great weekend,