Hasper Class Newsletter Thursday 29th September
Dear Parents and Carers,

Notices – Thank you to those parents who came to our class briefing on Tuesday. Please see the presentation covering the main points on our class page.

English – This week we wrote spells and recipes based on our continued reading of The Witches. Next week we begin studying poetry.

Maths – This week we studied reflective symmetry whilst next week our focus is on multiplication and division.

Science – This week we labelled diagrams showing key parts of our digestive system. Next week have a messy hands-on session exploring the process of food passing through the digestive system.

Topic – This week we shared all the things we’d like to learn about the Anglo-Saxons and began to research some of them using information books and the internet. Next week we follow up the main topic of interest, crime and punishment, by playing a game.

Best wishes




To prepare the children for next week your child needs to become familiar with a poem of their choice (of at least 3- 4 stanzas). They must practise reading it expressively. If they can learn it by heart all the better. Please bring in your poem for Tuesday as we will have a sharing session. Also answer the following questions:

What is the name of the poem and who wrote it?

What type of poem is it?

What type of language does the poem use?

Do you like any particular words or phrases? Which ones and why?

Whose is the voice of the poem?

What is the theme of the poem?


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