Friday, 13th October 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,


Remember it is parents evening next week on Tuesday and Thursday; each parent will be given a 10 minute slot. We look forward to seeing you all!

It is Calendar Day next Thursday; please remember to provide your child with an outfit, linked to the month’s theme.

We will be going on a trip to the British Museum on the 30th November, and each class will need 3 extra adults; if you are available to help on that date can you please get in touch with your class teacher. We will be travelling by train and each child will need to bring a packed lunch. More details will be provided closer to the time.

In preparation for History next week it would be great if you could help us out with some resources. Please can you bring in any of the following if you have any spares:

Hasper – cardboard of any thickness.

Monet – aluminum foil, old newspapers, thin cardboard, old dolls (like Barbies) you are happy not to have anymore.


This week, we began looking at ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes. We discussed what a narrative poem is and explored the features of them using a number of famous examples. We then used information from the poem to build up a picture of its main character, the Highwayman. At the end of the week the children began to plan a play script, based on the story.

In Maths, we have continued to explore addition and subtraction alongside each other. We have focused on getting the children to understand in depth the process of column addition and subtraction. To do this, the children have used counters to help them to visualise the process of exchanging and regrouping.

Next week, we will be moving on to multiplication, exploring factors, multiples and prime numbers.

This week, the children have made their own PEE arguments using scientific statements.

We researched the Valley of the Kings using a range of resources, including primary and secondary resources. We will then use this next week to create an accurate 3D model.

Children have been provided with a spelling sheet, maths sheet and have been asked to practice the 9 timetable for this coming week.

Please can you ensure you read with your children for 20 minutes every day. This has such an impact on their learning.

Have a lovely weekend,

Irene and Jack