Friday, 6th October 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

We began this week’s English sessions by writing a summary of the story of clockwork. Some children wrote their summary as a book review and other wrote it with the purpose of getting a younger child to read it. We then compared various graphic novel noting down common features that we could add into our own class version of ‘Clockwork”. At the end of the week, we then broke into groups, with each group taking responsibility for a different section of the story.

In Maths, we have continued to explore addition and subtraction alongside each other. We have focused on getting the children to understand in depth the process of column addition and subtraction. To do this, the children have used counters to help them to visualise the process of exchanging and regrouping.
This week, the children continued to build up their knowledge of circuit. They were given a number of circuits drawn on to paper and had to explain which would work and why.

In groups of three, we used last week’s research, on the death of Tutankhamen, to create PowerPoint presentations. These will then be used as part of our end of topic museum.

Children have been provided with a spelling sheet and have been asked to practice the 6 timetable for this coming week. This week there is also an English based homework, which is to write a poem for a competition. The winner of the competition could see their work published in a real book!

Please can you ensure you read with your children for 20 minutes every day. This has such an impact on their learning.

Have a lovely weekend,

Irene and Jack