Year 4 Hasper Class Newsletter – Friday 14th October 2016

Dear Parents and Carers


English – This week we enjoyed some more poetry from John Lyons and took a walk round the park to get inspiration for our own poems. Next week we’ll re-draft these and take a look at the Hindu festival of Diwali.

Maths – This week we studied how to find fractions of whole numbers through dividing by the denominator then multiplying by the numerator. Next week we will focus on plotting co-ordinates on a grid and translating shapes.

Science – This week the children wrote the story of a food item being eaten and passing through the digestive system using the appropriate vocabulary. Next week we will look into the different types of teeth and their function.

Topic – This week we looked at Anglo-Saxon beliefs including the gods and goddesses they worshiped.

Best wishes




  • Write a book review using the plan in your homework books

Please make sure homework is returned by Tuesday.