Friday 23th February 2018

Dear parents and carers,



Book week

This will be from 26th February to 2nd March. We have arranged a trip to the library, on Thursday 1st March, if you would like to join us on this short trip then please let me know ASAP.

It also just so happens that we will be dressing up on Thursday 1st March. This year each class has been asked to select a theme for their costumes. I thought it only fitting that we dress up as characters from ‘The Hobbit’. If you have any questions or queries please come and see me.


We started our lessons this week by exploring how to build inference into our own writing. using show don’t tell. The children hinted at Bilbo’s feelings by explain his actions in great detail. We then began to plan our own ‘lost tale’, which takes place after Bilbo meets Smaug but before the end of the book. The children were tasked with writing in the style of Tolkien as well as including all of the things we have been working hard on over the last few weeks. In our inputs before the independent writing we focused on what makes a good beginning and end to a story, using other examples from book and film to spark discussion.

Next week, we will be editing and redrafting these stories to create an individual book for each child.


In Maths this week, we have continued to explore decimals and place value. We have focused for the first part of the week on comparing decimals to 3 decimal places. We have discussed common misconceptions and have used dienes blocks to help solidify our knowledge. At the end of the week we began to explore addition and subtraction, with the help of place value counters.


This week the children were introduced to our new topic on living things and their habitats.


We have just started our new topic on Ancient Greece. We began by looking at a paining of Alexander the Great in the middle of a battle. The children were asked to note down their first impressions and what they could imply about him as a person from the paining. I then told the children the story of Alexander’s first large-scale battle where he was in charge of a whole unit and responsible for the deaths of 300 men. The children were then posed the question, is he a hero or a psychopath? We will be aiming our work over the next term or so at answering this question.


Each child will be sent home with a piece of Maths homework and a spelling sheet. Please return this by next Tuesday.

Have a great week,