Kandinsky Letter – 12th November 2015


Dear Parents/Carers,


We had a brilliant time at the Chiltern Open Air Museum on Tuesday and many thanks to those adults who were able to join us. The Iron Age and Mesolithic workshops taught us essential stone age skills such as making shelters; lighting fires; handling replica tools; creating pigments and hunting for wild boar!



This week we have been using and applying our knowledge of subtraction number facts to 20 in order to subtract from three-digit numbers using ones, tens and hundreds. We used the empty number line to help record our thinking. We solved calculations involving missing numbers, for example, 456 – ? = 416. We also used mental addition and subtraction to solve one-step word problems.


Next week we will be looking at right angles, turning patterns and giving and following directions.



This week we continued our work on Satoshi Kitamura’s ‘Stone Age Boy’. We planned a recount of the events that take place in the story from the point of view of ‘The Boy’ or ‘Om’.  The children have been thinking carefully about using the first person; writing in chronological order and using time connectives to structure their writing. We also wrote a recount of our trip to the Open air Museum.


Next week we will complete and publish our recounts.



Continuing our topic of ‘Forces and Magnets’, this week the children will be completing a fair test to investigate how things move on different surfaces.



In Art we will plan a textured collage of a building or garden.




Topic/ English Homework

Stone age people could not pop to the shops for food! Everything they ate had to be caught or collected. Either create and write a recips or design your own three-course Stone Age menu using the sort of ingredients that would be available to them.








This week our spelling pattern is ee/ea. (eg three, clean).


As last week, there is not a page suitably relevant in the Maths Workabook for the activity we have been doing this week, the children have therefore been given a sheet focusing on subtracting 1s, 10s and 100s from 3 digit numbers. Again we have included a numberline model to remind the children of methods we used in class. They can do any working out in their green exercise books.



Have a lovely weekend,




Mel and Sarah