Friday 13th October 2017

Dear parents and carers,


This week in English, Year 4 continued with their work on Varjak Paw. They created posters of the cat gangs, devised open-ended questions to interview the characters during a hot seating activity and wrote diary entries exploring the cats’ lives on the street.


This week, Year 4 continued with their focus on addition. They have revised column addition and solved addition problems with renaming. They have explored adding using mental strategies and deciding when it is appropriate to use a written or mental method. They also completed an open-ended investigation based around addition.


The children researched the diet and digestive systems of three different types of animals: a herbivore, a carnivore and an omnivore. They compared the digestive systems of their chosen animals and found out how they were adapted to their diets.


In their Topic and Art lesson this week, the children continued to make their model of an Anglo Saxon settlement. In groups they used paper mache to build and reinforce the town’s infrastructure. They also researched different Anglo Saxon gods and presented their findings to the class. Using this knowledge, they then created their own Anglo Saxon god.


The children will be sent home a spelling sheet and a column addition sheet with missing digits to consolidate their knowledge before moving on to subtraction next week. Also for their homework, building on the great interest that the children showed during the lesson in Loki (the god of cunning), they should research an Anglo Saxon god of their choice using either the internet or books and then create an A4 poster.


Thank you and have a lovely weekend,

Adam and Elisa