Dear Parents/Carers


On the 6th December both classes will be performing a recorder concert for Y3 parents if you make sure that you are at the front door by 9:10.

For our current DT / Topic project could you please send your children in with any spare newspapers, as this would be a great help.


In Maths this week, Year 3 have been focusing on the 8 times table. We have been using the mastery approach in order for the children to feel completely confident multiplying by 8. They have been solving different multiplication problems and were also asked to show their answers in arrays in order to prove that they had understood how grouping is linked to multiplication. They were then asked to solve independent investigations based around the 8 times table.


This week, Year 3 have written their own diary entries from the perspective of Hogarth from the book ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We have focused on describing characters actions, using the phrase show don’t tell, to get the children to explain what a character is doing instead of what they are feeling. Later in the week they peer marked their diary entries, writing 2 stars and a wish. We have also begun to write a persuasive letter, aimed at encouraging the other farmers to hunt for the Iron Man. In this piece of writing we have focused on organizing our thoughts into paragraphs.




In their Science lesson this week Year 3 continued their work on Forces and Magnets. They tested whether different materials were magnetic or not.


Each child should complete the times table sheet which was sent home on Thursday.

The spellings will be on the same sheet.

Have a great weekend,

Adam and Jack