Year 3 Letter Thursday 20th October



As part of our work on the Stone Age we have planned a visit to the Chiltern Open Air Museum on November 10th 2016.

Travel Arrangements

We will be traveling to Chiltern Open Air Museum via coach. If your child gets travelsick or takes any medication to prevent this could you please inform a member of staff. We are aiming to return to school by 3:30pm.


We are not allowed to officially charge parents for trips but without your contribution, trips cannot take place; the school does not have sufficient funds to pay for them. Therefore, we are asking for a voluntary contribution of £7. If this is likely to cause financial hardship, please write in confidence to either the head or deputy headteacher. Preferred payment should be made by BACS into the school main account.

Parent helpers

Thanks to all the parents who have offered to help. Rothko have enough helpers now and they have been informed. If you would like to help Kandinsky class please see Jack.



In English this week Year 3 have been continuing to focus on the book ‘The Stone Age Boy’. First we discussed what were the most important moments of the story. Then, using picture prompts, they wrote a recount of the story using time connectives, adjectives and conjunctions. Later in the week we discussed the importance of paragraphs talking about when and how to use them. They then edited a section of text from the book into paragraphs.



At the start of the week, Year 3 focused on measuring weight in grams and kilograms. They learnt how much 1/4, 1/2 and 1 kg is worth in grams and had to convert different amounts of kilograms into grams. Later in the week they completed an investigation into halving squares with different two coloured designs. They had to discuss with a partner how to half each shape so that each side was equal. They also had to explain how they solved these problems using the appropriate mathematical language.



In their Science lesson this week Year 3 concluded their topic on ‘Animals including Humans’. They completed a self-assessment based around what they have learnt this half term and finished of their KWL from September.


Home Reading


Over half term they children will only be set a reading challenge. We hope you have a wonderful break.



Jack & Adam