Dear Parents / Carers

British Library Trip

On Monday 27th February, Year 3 are visiting the British Library. We will be travelling via the 91 bus. We will be leaving at 9:00, so could you make your children are in the playground by 8:50, we are scheduled to return by 3. If we are late we will notify the office who will then notify you via text. The children will need a packed lunch and bottle of water.


In English this week ‘Year 3 have started their topic looking at newspaper reports. At the start we explored the features of a recount and began to read the beginning of ‘Escape from Pompeii’ by Christina Balit. The children then identified word/phrases that interested them as well as highlighting words that they didn’t understand. Later in the week, we then recapped the importance of using powerful verbs, discussing how they can change the meaning of a sentence. Finally, we hot-seated characters from our new story and asked them open ended question.


This week, we have focused on the 3 times table. We began by using the ones that we knew to work out those that we didn’t. After that, we moved on to drawing arrays and using them to explain what is happing when we multiply. We ended the week by exploring the close link between multiplication and division, using the word inverse to describe the relationship.


In Science this week, Year 3 tested the permeability of different types of rocks and then recorded their results in a table.


This term, we will be creating our own movies, using iMovie.


For homework this week please complete a spelling sheet and a timeline of Roman history.


Have a lovely weekend,


Adam and Jack