Thursday 3rd November 2016



Dear parents/ carers,


Hope you all had a lovely half term.


Chiltern Open Air Museum Trip Thursday 10th November

Travel Arrangements

We will be traveling to Chiltern Open Air Museum via coach. If your child gets travelsick or takes any medication to prevent this could you please inform a member of staff. We are aiming to return to school by 3:30pm.


We are not allowed to officially charge parents for trips but without your contribution, trips cannot take place; the school does not have sufficient funds to pay for them.  Therefore, we are asking for a voluntary contribution of £7. If this is likely to cause financial hardship, please write in confidence to either the head or deputy headteacher.  Preferred payment should be made by BACS into the school main account.

Packed Lunch

Your child will need to bring a packed lunch and a drink (no fizzy drinks or glass). If your child is eligible for free school meals and you would like a packed lunch provided, please inform the office.

As the workshop takes place outdoors please ensure that your child wears warm, old clothes, waterproof jacket and suitable footwear.



In English this week Year 3 have been focusing on writing instructions. They started the week by discussing what instructions were and why they are important. They then watched a clip of ‘Countdown’, during the lesson they had to write instructions in order to play the ‘words’ section of the show. They instructed how to set up and play the game. They had to use bossy verbs and time connectives in order to be successful. Later in the week they continued to look at ‘bossy’ verbs and how they could change some instructions to make them more descriptive.



In Maths this week Year 3 revised how to mentally add 1s, 10s to 3 digit numbers. They were given a real life situation and discussed what methods they could use to solve the addition problem and how best to lay it out in order to solve it. Later in the week they also used this method to solve missing number problems based around addition.



Year 3’s Science topic this half term is ‘Forces and Magnets’. The children were given some sentences relating to forces and magnets and had to discuss if they were true or false. They also completed a KWL grid on the topic.




Thank you to all those who completed the Reading Challenge, I was very impressed with how much the children read over the holidays!


This week Year 3 will be given Maths homework based  on addition, reinforcing what they have been learning over the course of the week.



Have a good weekend,