Dear parents/ careers



This week, we continued to look at a number of humorous poems, focusing specifically on the use of powerful verbs and adverbs. We began the week by writing an extra stanza for the poem that we all performed last Friday called ‘At the End of School Assembly’, carefully selecting appropriate powerful verbs to fit new teachers names e.g. Mr Snake’s class went slithering out. We then began to look at adverbs and how they can give the reader more information about how a character is doing something. Later in the week, we began to look at how adverbial phrases can be used to describe how and where a character might be doing something. Next week, we will use our work on verbs, adverbs and adverbials to write our own poems, before moving on to a new book called ‘Stone Age Boy’.


This week, we have been exploring mental methods for multiplying and dividing 1-digit numbers, focusing specifically on our 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. We have looked at the close relationship between multiplication and division and have discussed how we can use our knowledge of multiplication to help us when solving division problems. The children have also completed an nrich problem solving activity, where we used multiplication and division loop cards, to practice the work we had done in the week.


This week in Science Year 3 have been looking at the importance of our skeleton. Answering the questions ‘Why do we need our skeleton?’ and ‘What does our skeleton look like?’. We then reassembled the bones in the body, ensuring that we used the correct scientific vocabulary.


This week, using the questions that the children asked last week we have spent some time researching Stonehenge. We have discussed the significance of stone circles and have talked about why it might be important that our body was found next to the national heritage site.


Your child will be sent home with a piece of Maths homework on Thursday, if you have not received a copy of the sheet please see me on Friday morning.


Please find either the 06.10.16 List 1 or 06.10.16 List 2 on spell anywhere. If you are looking to challenge yourselves please practice List 2.

Hope you have a lovely weekend,