Friday 3rd February 

Dear Parents



·     Thanks for your £6 cooking donations. 

·     If your child has borrowed any clothes from Nursery (they should have a N or Nursery written inside the label) please can you bring them back? Our supplies are dwindling! If you would like to make any donations of old or spare clothes for 3-4 year olds it would be much appreciated. 

·     I know they are a precious commodity but if have any carrier bags at home these would also be appreciated. Please pop a few in your child’s spare clothes bag.

·     Next week we are all going to focus on taking responsibility for our own coats and practise hanging them up on our pegs. Therefore, we ask that you send you child to the carpet at the beginning of each session still in their coat.

·     Don’t forget to check Tapestry to see if your child is a focus child next week. 

This Week

We have had another very busy week in Nursery. This week we have looked at the book ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. We have also introduced an ‘Information Station’ and a reading den with lots of information books. The children are really enjoying sharing all the amazing facts they know.

We have also enjoyed visiting our Numicon Toy Shop, although by the end of the week the bowl of pennies was greatly reduced! If you child has jangling pockets you’ll now know why. 

Instead of cooking this week we all painted bread using food colouring and milk. We then put the bread in the toaster and enjoyed having a chat as we munched on our colourful snack. It was a great way to get everyone to use a paintbrush!

We have also made playdough forests using sticks, buttons and broccoli, enjoyed drawing and mark making whilst wearing a blindfold and practised our counting and turn taking by playing different board games. 

Outside, we enjoyed playing ‘cow chase’ and tried to catch the fine prize cow from ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. As it was such a wet week we also enjoyed painting the puddles with powder paint. 

Next Week

Next week we will be retelling the story of Rapunzel. Amongst lots of other things, we will be building towers, playing hairdressers and going a bit ‘mark-making mad’ with streams of large paper. 

Have a great weekend

Felicity and Sally