Friday 9th December



Dear Parents


It has been yet another busy week in Klee Class. Inspired by some body art mark-making lots of us have been busy mixing colours and painting the (poor) dolls! Indeed, more and more of the children are showing an increasing interest in painting, mark making and the letters and sounds in the environment. Therefore, we all had a look at the letters in our name and made special name cards. We have also made elves hats for our Christmas performance next Tuesday. We were so impressed with everyone’s cutting!


This week we looked at the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We enjoyed LOTS of messy play with the porridge oats. The children really enjoyed taking pots of porridge to the den underneath the table for role-play and chats. Some children even took it a step further and took the porridge to the home corner to re-enact the story of ‘Goldilocks’. That was fun to clear up! All the children got a chance to make porridge this week and enjoyed weighing the oats, pouring in the milk, stirring the mixture and observing the change as the steaming porridge came out of the microwave. We told the story of ‘Goldilocks’ as we waited for the porridge to cool down and lots of the children decided it was ‘just right’!


Outside we have enjoyed making dens and having hot chocolate and chats and playing ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf?”


Thank you for your donations of junk for our making table. If you have any of the following they would be gratefully received.

  • Big cardboard boxes for our ‘Whatever You Want Area’.
  • Stones, pebbles and sticks for outside.

Thanks in advance.


As we are fast approaching Christmas, please see the information below about events in the next few weeks.




Christmas Performance

This year’s Christmas performance ‘Ralph the Reindeer’ will take place in the school hall on Tuesday 13th December at 9.30am. We will be singing a song at the beginning of the performance and then returning to the Nursery.


Nursery will be Elves and will need plain long sleeved green or red tops and bottoms or an elf costume if it is easier. Please ensure your child comes to Nursery at 9.05am dressed in their costume. They can remain as Elves for the session or can change after the performance when we are back in Nursery.


If your child attends the afternoon sessions or is an ‘Option B’ and does not normally come to Nursery on a Tuesday morning they can still be part of the performance if they wish. Please bring them in, dressed as an elf, on Tuesday morning at 9.05am. You will then be able to collect them from the Nursery after the performance. Please let us know if your child would like to be part of the performance but does not normally attend on Tuesday mornings so we have an idea of numbers.


Mrs Marvel

As part of our Christmas celebrations we will be having a magical visit from Mrs Marvel on the morning of Wednesday 14th December, followed by our Christmas party. We are asking for a contribution of £3 for the magic show. The HSA are kindly donating the balance. Please bring the £3 to Nursery in an envelope with your childs’ name and hand it to either Sally or Felicity.


If your child normally attends Nursery on a Wednesday afternoon you can swap your child’s session for the morning for this week. Please let us know if you would like to do so.


We will put a sign up sheet for party food donations at the beginning of next week. Thank you in advance.


End of Term

A reminder that Nursery will break up for the Christmas period on Wednesday 21st December at 1.30pm so there will be no afternoon Nursery on this date.


Thank you

Felicity and Sally