Krasner Class Newsletter                                    Friday 30th September 2016
Dear Parents and Carers,




English – This week we have been writing about ‘the naughtiest thing we ever did’ as part of our autobiographical work. We have focussed on creating a humorous tone, and transporting the reader back to the event by expanding our description of action and feelings.


Next week we will be finishing our last chapters, based on our memories of our first year of school. We will be trying to nail down the right tone for a concluding chapter: nostalgia mixed with humour, and then be adding our prologues, dedications, images and contents pages.


Maths – This week we have focused on addition and subtraction with fractions: converting fractions to having the same denominator, calculating with mixed numbers and converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. Next week we will be looking at fractions, decimals and percentages, equivalences and calculating percentages of amounts.



Science – This week we have planned experiments into the factors affecting air resistance in a parachute flight. Next week, the children will be conducting their experiments and recording their results.


Topic – This week we looked at various Viking artefacts, generating a discussion about Viking life. We used these artefacts to find out about who the Vikings were, where they came from, how they arrived in England, and why they set sail. Next week the children will be choosing a topic for further detailed research in groups. This will eventually culminate in a presentation of their learning later on in the term.




The spellings for this week are on spell anywhere under Year 6 Krasner, and is called ‘List 3 tricky words’. They’re tough this week – remember to test in a random order – not just the order they are in in the list, so that you are truly trying to remember the spellings, and not just a pattern in a list!





Adding and subtracting fractions sheet. Make sure you show your working. Teach someone at home how to add and subtract fractions, especially when the denominators are different.


English – make notes about your key memories of your first year of school: try to remember what it felt like as a 4-year-old. Who was the first person you met? What was the building like? What activities did you like doing? Do you remember feeling frightened, excited or nervous? This will be used for English next week, so remember to make useful planning notes which are structured into paragraphs. There is no need to come up with full sentences, but you must be able to expand your memories into detailed descriptions, like we have been in class this week.


With best wishes,