Year 6 Research


Having read about how wearing slippers can make pupils feel more relaxed, and therefore improve their learning, year 6 are keen to try out slipper school! A link to the article we looked at is below.


If you would like to take part in this week long, please bring in a pair of slippers or comfy slipper socks for indoor use next week. Bring them in a bag, and you can change in and out of them for play time. You can take them home every evening if you want to, or leave them on your pegs. We will be collating our findings and presenting them to the rest of the school in an assembly next half term.


Upcoming trip:


To celebrate World Book Day, Krasner class will be visiting Crouch End Picture House on Tuesday 28th February to meet author Jennifer Bell. There will be a question and answer session about being an author, and opportunities to ask her about her new book, being an author, and readings.


Jennifer Bell worked as a specialist bookseller at Foyles, Charing Cross Road – one of the world’s most famous bookstores – and after listening to children talk about their favourite books for many years, decided to write one of her own…

The first book from author Jennifer Bell, ‘The Uncommoners’, tells the story of Ivy and her adventures in a magical city underneath London, where ordinary objects have amazing powers. Already getting rave reviews, this is perfect for any reluctant readers or school book groups due to its familiar setting and fast pacing.


A link to the ‘advert’ for her new book is here:


The trip will take place during the school day, and the children will be back at school by lunch.


A letter will be sent out closer to the time outlining the cost of the trip and the number of parent volunteers needed.


Safer Internet Day


Next Tuesday February 7th is Safer Internet Day and we are taking the opportunity to continue our work with the children on how they can stay safe on line.  It is essential that all children develop the skills to identify and avoid risk;  they will either watch a presentation or have an assembly that will help them learn these skills.   In class we will be following this up with a related activity.  To help you support your child to stay safe, you can either access the  ‘Thinkuknow’ materials on the school website, under the parents and carers section, or access them through​​







This week we have been looking at the journey of Will so far, plotting the story on a map, and writing diary entries in role. The children have been trying to ‘show not tell’ in their emotional writing, and use adventurous punctuation and vocabulary. Next week we will be finishing working on these, as well as presenting our work in neat ready for our WW2 scrap books next term. In grammar, we have been working on semi-colons and have done an assessment paper which everyone has made good progress in.


This week we’ve been learning about ratios and proportions of quantities. We have been relating this to our understanding of fractions and percentages, as well as division facts. Next week we will be continuing with ratio. We will also be tackling a reasoning paper, and an arithmetic paper.


This week have begun writing newspaper articles about HMR Lancastria, putting ourselves in the shoes of a reporter in the 1940’s. We will be continuing with this next week.


To finish our topic on humans and animals, we have been looking at the effects of diet, drugs and exercise on human health, and presenting our conclusions in poster formats.


Please read up to chapter 16. Make a note of any words you are not sure of so that we can explore them in the coming week.

Spellings – these are in your homework books.

Maths – there are 6 problems to solve. Take your time, and remember to draw pictures and use objects to help you (especially with the ratio problems!) These are designed to challenge your problem solving and reasoning skills. Bring them in on Monday for us to discuss and dissect!

Best wishes,