Year 6 Research

Having worn slippers all week, the children agreed that they felt more relaxed. Whether this has had an impact on their work, we do not yet know, but they do seem to have been feeling calm and ‘serene’ as their supply teacher commented on Monday.

Upcoming trip:


Unfortunately, Jennifer Bell has cancelled her talk on 28th February. However, the Picture House have invited us to a screening of Goodnight Mr Tom instead! It is a PG rating, so please let me know if you do not give consent for your child to attend.

A letter will be sent out closer to the time outlining the cost of the trip and the number of parent volunteers needed.


This week we have been finishing off our various pieces of writing from the last few weeks. The children have worked hard to improve their diary entries and newspaper reports by looking at the national curriculum objectives and self-assessing their work. Next half term, we will be continuing to study Goodnight Mr Tom. We will also be focussing on written responses to the text in preparation for the SATs in May.


This week we have tackled another reasoning paper, and the children have been problem solving using their understanding of ratio and proportion. Next half term will see us begin to study algebra, geometry and further consolidate the KS2 curriculum in preparation for May.


To finish our topic on humans and animals, we have been looking at the effects of diet, drugs and exercise on human health, and presenting our conclusions in poster formats. Next half term we will be studying earth and space.


  • Maths – I’ve sent home an arithmetic paper for you to look at and tackle. When you work through it, make a note of the things you find hardest and take the longest. Then practice these types of questions until you are quicker and more accurate. HINT: division by 2-digit number is something we all need to practice, as is calculating with fractions!
  • English – read a book for 30 minutes a day. Ask yourself a retrieval question and an inference question every day. Can you answer them? I’ve included some question stems in your homework packs which you can use to help you, or your parents can use to guide your practice.
  • Rest and recuperate over half term. Next half term will be focussed, as we will have 8 weeks before the SATs. I need you all on top form for the final push!

Well done on a great start to Spring, Year 6.

Best wishes,