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This week we have been looking at various poems from the anthology ‘Falling out of the Sky’, looking specifically at Norse myths and Greek myths. We have explored rhythm, rhyme and other literary devices in these poems, enjoying onomatopoeia and the stories these poems tell. We have focussed on oral performances this week, which will support us in our poetry writing next week, based on Greek myths.


Maths – This week we have been focusing on place value and reasoning, specifically looking at negative numbers. We have been exploring what happens when you calculate with negative numbers, and getting our heads around ordering negative decimal numbers. Next week we will be working on geometry.


Science – This week we have conducted our experiments and recorded our results, as well as been beginning to draw conclusions about our findings. Next week we will be writing up our findings and conclusions, and evaluating our experiments, as well as deciding how we could refine the experiments to improve them should we do it again.


Topic – This week we have begun researching our focus areas about The Vikings. The children have been sorting sources into primary and secondary sources and cross-checking facts about The Vikings.



‘cial’ and ‘tial’ words. ‘cial’ is common after a vowel letter, and ‘tial’ after a consonant, but there are some exceptions (finance – financial, commerce – commercial)

Our spell anywhere account is temporarily frozen, so I am unable to add the words to there. Remember you can practice spellings in whatever way you choose. Try to use one of our ‘tactics’ – tap the syllables, find patterns, practice writing them in crazy pens, make up a mnemonic, focus on the ‘hard bit’ of the spelling, visualise it.

This website allows you to build a spelling list to practice, and if you register you can play free games. I’m not sure if it costs, but this is at least a temporary solution!


  • Read some Greek or Norse myths. Choose your favourite idea to bring into school for next week. You will be writing poetry based on these stories and their characters next week, so it important you know the plot and the characters well.
  • is a good website should you need inspiration.
  • Draw or paint a picture of the character to help with your writing on Monday and Tuesday.

With best wishes,