School trip:

Please remember to provide a packed lunch for the school trip next Friday (25.11.16). Please let the office know if you would like the school to provide a packed lunch. Please make sure all money is handed to the office ASAP.

I have only had 1 parent volunteer for the trip, so if you are able to accompany us, please email me.


This week we have been writing diary entries in role as Zoe. The children are beginning to experiment with the form, and find the right tone for a diary entry. We have had discussions about being economic with word choice, and that sometimes ‘less is more’. Next week we will be working on instructional writing, writing rules for Eel island and continuing to explore the plot of the book.

Maths – In conjunction with our move towards a mastery approach as a school, much of this week has been spent working on our understanding equivalent fractions, and using the lowest common multiple and highest common factor to add, subtract and simplify. Next week we will looking at the relationship between arrays and multiplying fractions, and revisiting dividing whole numbers by fractions. We have also investigated some alternative methods for multiplication of whole numbers, which has thrown up many questions and sparked vigorous debate.


Science – This week we concluded our work on forces, and the children reflected on their progress in understanding. Our new unit of work is ‘animals, including humans’.

We will be thinking about what we already know about the circulatory system, diet, lifestyle and how the body works. This will link to our new PSHE topic ‘Weighing up risk’ which focuses on drugs, alcohol and tobacco use.


Topic – This week the children began working on their pages for the shared book, and reflected on the progress they’ve made and what they have learnt through independent research.


Homework –



Number: 8 times tables – can you use these facts to calculate division facts quickly, the 80 times table, the 0.8 timestable etc. What patterns do you notice?


Arithmetic – timed practice – 30 minutes. What questions are taking you a long time? Put a star by any that you are unable to answer, or are taking you a long time.


If you are not sure about the multiplying fractions question, come back to it later.












HFW: laugh, I’ll, would – add 3 more words you are finding hard to spell (as we did in class with Sarah).


  1. Look at your spelling words for the week and discuss strategies you could use to spell them (look at the ones you can use artificial articulation for).
  2. Play word bump. Choose your words out of the list.
  3. Play word chain with marvel, light, chief
  4. Dictation: ‘individual muscles can hurt with unnecessary exercise’. (you can make up other dictations with the words).