Reminder Sports Day T-shirts need to be ordered, with the school office, by 4pm on Thursday 25 May. Orders only accepted with payment.

London History Day

The school has been asked by the Mayor of London to support the first London History Day, which is on the 31st May. To support this event, we will be asking the children to come to school on Friday 26th May dressed as their favourite historic Londoner. This will be a fun opportunity for the children to connect with and understand their city and its people a little better.


After half term we will be embarking on a big DT project.  Items we need to start collecting include:

  • Any construction kit components, such as pulleys, pulley wheels, small motors
  • Wood scraps for base boards
  • Cardboard boxes – (cereal boxes, moving boxes etc)
  • Reclaimed materials (fabric, wool etc)

Please start collecting these items as soon as possible!


This week we have been writing advertising leaflets for national parks, focusing on our individual targets and persuasive techniques.  Next week we will be finishing these off, as well as writing some newspaper reports about an imaginary incident at our nature parks.


This week we began our project ‘theme park maths’.  The children have designed and priced the construction of their theme parks, and begun to look at how much money they will make in the years to come.  We will be continuing with this next week.


Next week we will be finding questions, not answers, about the Shang Dynasty.  We will also be looking at the social structure of Ancient China.


  • Please read up to chapter 23 of Wolf Brother.

Best wishes,