This week we have been writing persuasive letters to our MP outlining our concerns about the environment, and making suggestions for sustainable development in our local area. We will be sending these letters shortly, and are eagerly awaiting a response! Next week we will be writing the beginning our our own dystopian novels, using action to allow the reader to infer about setting and character.

Maths – This week we have focussed on decimal place value, using base ten equipment to build decimals, and calculate. Next week we will be looking at different methods for dividing decimals by whole numbers, in the context of problem solving.


Science – This week we made our own blood! Using various ingredients, we added our different cells to 500ml of ‘plasma’ in the correct amounts. We looked at using ‘percentage bars’ to record the components of blood, and some of us drew accurate pie charts to help explain the different ratios of cells in the blood.


Topic – We’ve been finishing off this work this week, and will begin the editing, proofing and printing stage soon. The book will be on show in the classroom and library for years to come, so please pop in to take a look at it!


Homework –


Tricksy numbers – wow your friends and family with this incredible mind reading trick. Dojo awarded for anyone who can explain how this trick works mathematically!

Spellings: They are stuck in your homework book. Please make sure you are using a number of strategies to work on these.

HFW of the week: