Friday 2nd March 2018

Dear parents and carers,


Notices: As part of World Book day this week, Krasner class visited Hornsey library on Monday 26th. Children really enjoyed the trip. Thank you to the parents who came along with us!



The class have focused writing on World Book Day events throughout the week. Children selected the books about Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan as their theme for the week. We looked at Greek myths, whereby pupils identified themes and conventions across myths. They described mythological creatures and moved on to write poems about creatures of their choice. The class really enjoyed dressing up on World Book Day (despite the snow)- it was fun for them to write about the creatures whilst dressed as characters from the text. Children did marbling to create a fantastic front cover for their own books, which they wrote their poems into.


Reading: Children are continuing to read for at least 15 minutes in class every day. This is having a positive impact on children’s attitudes towards reading as well as the vocabulary they are now using in lessons. I am reading to children at the end of each day from our class novel. We are currently finish There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom. Next week I will read a variety of Greek Myths as this follows on from this week and it is also our topic for this term.



We have continued with the topic of fractions. This week, children multiplied and divided fractions- as an extra challenge they multiplied and divided mixed numbers and improper fractions. Each day pupils had a variety of fractions activities to choose from, children chose the activity with the level of difficulty they were comfortable with. We will try this approach in upcoming weeks, particularly as pupils’ levels of confidence can shift from topic to topic.



They started the new topic of Ancient Greeks. Pupils looked at a painting depicting a battle with Alexander the Great. The first famous Greek we will investigate and explore. Children used the scene from the painting to discuss the depiction of Alexander and started to answer the question of whether he was a hero or a psychopath? We will continue to investigate this by looking at various sources of historical evidence.



Spelling: Spelling sheet

Maths: Fractions activities, pupils have 2 sets of activities ranging in difficulty. They can choose the level of difficulty.

English: Pupils will have myth-planning template. They will need to plan a myth, which they will write in class next week.



Have a lovely weekend!