Friday 20th October 2017

Dear parents and carers,



This week the class continued to explore the legend of ‘The Green Man.’ Having made 3d masks of the character, they wrote a piece of writing describing him. Pupils were encouraged to use a range of figurative devices (alliteration, onomatopoeia, similes and metaphors) and a range of sentence types such as simple, compound and complex sentences. The class were encouraged to challenge themselves even further by starting sentences with subordination and fronted adverbials. We continued with poetry where pupils write creative shape poems about superheroes and villains.



The class have been working on division, where they used a variety of representations to showcase their knowledge of divisibility and division as a concept. They have practiced times tables through a variety of games and moved on to investigate divisibility by looking for patterns and relationships- pupils drew on their knowledge of number and worked collaboratively and systematically to record patterns they found.



In groups, pupils investigated voltage and how the number of volts affects the effectiveness of appliances. In groups, they tested the effect of altering the voltage by observing the brightness of the bulbs and the pitch of the buzzer.



Pupils created artwork from their shape poems using multi-media resources. This work will be displayed in the classroom.



Homework will be different as it is half-term. They will be given a reading challenge to read up to 200 minutes. They will have a recording sheet on their books which children fill in- you will need to sign the sheet.



Thank you and have a lovely half-term holiday.