Krasner Class Newsletter                                                                                                            Friday 23rd September 2016
Dear Parents and Carers,




There will be a curriculum meeting on Friday 30th September at 3pm. The meeting will be held in year 6, and will outline the key aspects of the year 6 curriculum and SATs, and I will be able to answer any questions you may have about year 6 then.


If your child is going to an open day at a secondary school, please inform the office who will then inform me.


English – This week we have been looking the features of autobiographies, using Roald Dahl’s ‘Boy’ as inspiration, and begun to write our own autobiographies in a similar style.   We have been focussing on using embedded clauses to add detail to our writing, and attempting to get the right tone for an autobiographical work: informal moments mixed in with some formal language and structures.


Next week we will be finishing our first chapters, and moving on to write about a time we were very naughty as a child. The children’s homework will support their writing for next week, so please ensure it is completed by Wednesday morning.



Maths – This week we have focussed on place value, rounding and adjusting to add and subtract and solving problems using systematic working and reasoning.


Next week we will consolidate the children’s understanding of the formal written method of short multiplication to calculate ThHTO × O. They will also consolidate their understanding of the expanded written method of long multiplication to calculate TO × TO and we will begin looking at a more compact formal written method of long multiplication.




Science – This week we have defined some key vocabulary involved in forces, and conducted some research into how Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton helped to develop the theory of gravitation.


Topic – This week we compared the Norse creation story with the Christian creation story, and have begun to gather evidence of what type of people the Vikings were, based on these sources.




The children have been given a blue spelling book with this week’s spellings stuck in. A test will be held on Tuesday. The spellings are also available on the Spell Anywhere website, under Year 6 Krasner ‘Spelling list 1’. These spelling books are the children’s responsibility and must be bought into school every Tuesday.




Using the sheet I have given you, plan your next chapter for your autobiography. Practice telling the story to your parents and carers, younger siblings or grandparents and try to steal some good vocabulary from them! Remember that you will have to create tension, make the reader laugh and clearly explain your misdeed!



With best wishes,