Upcoming trips:


We have 2 trips coming up next week. Please make sure you have read both letters carefully. They have been emailed to you by the office.



This week we have written ‘essay’ style answers to questions, and have been writing letters in role as Zach from Goodnight Mr Tom. The children have been experimenting with making their writing sound more dramatic to match Zach’s tone. Next week we will be writing play scripts, just as Zach and Will enjoy doing in the book. This will help us with learning how to develop character through dialogue, rather than through action.


This week we have been beginning to look at algebra and sequences. We will continue our work on this next week, as well as revising calculation. Next week we will be learning how to generate our own algebraic expressions, and look at how these problems are presented in the SATs.


This week we began our topic on earth and space, and did an active assessment session to see what the children already understand, and what they are interested in learning about.


This week the children have been learning about the trade war between Germany and the Allied forces, and have been looking in detail at rationing. Next week we will be producing recipes and ‘top tip’ leaflets for our war journals.


  • Reading – there is a short extract with questions attached. This should only take 10 minutes.
  • Maths – there is a reasoning paper for you to complete. You can take up to 50 minutes. If there is something you are not sure about, come back to it at the end. There is a question about circles, and we have not yet covered this, so 3do not worry if you are unsure about it. Remember to draw pictures to help you, show your calculations, and check your work!

Best wishes,