School trip:

We had a great time at the Crystal building on Friday, learning about the future of sustainable development. We also linked our Enabling Enterprise day ‘Creative spaces’ to sustainable development and I was impressed by the children’s creativity, group work skills and imagination.


This week we have been focusing on instructional writing, and have been writing rules for Eel island and continuing to explore the plot of the book. Next week we will be writing persuasive letters to our MP outlining our concerns about the environment, and making suggestions for sustainable development in our local area.

Maths – This week we have focussed on fraction multiplication, and we will be rounding off our extensive work on fractions next week. We will begin looking at decimals in relation to fractions, continuing to focus on reasoning and explanation.

Science – This week we began our new unit of study, ‘Animals including humans’. The children did a number of activities including a true and false sort, and began to formulate questions they are interested in finding answers to over the week. Next week we will look at the circulatory system in humans and animas.

Topic – We’ve been continuing to work on our class book. We will be finishing off this work next week, and begin the editing, proofing and printing stage.

Homework – This week we need the English homework to be done by Monday so that we can use all the research collected in our persuasive letter writing.

English – continue your research on sustainable development in cities. Add your work to your notebook. This research will be the factual basis for your letter writing next week.

Spellings: They are stuck in your homework book. Please make sure you are using a number of strategies to work on these.