Welcome back to Autumn 2! I hope you all had a lovely break: the children seem rested and ready for even more learning.


This week we began reading our new class book, Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick. We will be using this book for the rest of the half term, exploring setting, character, plot and the ideas of the novel in detail. This week we have begun to get to grips with the main character Zoe, and have written our own ‘survival packing list’. Next week, we will be putting ourselves in the shoes of journalists, writing newspaper articles in our imagined apocalyptic future (see homework).

Maths – This week we have had a ‘calculation clinic’, working on our understanding and methods for the four operations. The children took a step back from the more formal methods of multiplication and division, and remembered how to use the grid method, and their times tables to divide. Next week we will be looking at fractions and multiplication and division on fractions.

Science – This week the children explored the centre of gravity using a lever. They had to work out how to build a lever to lift heavy objects, including me!   Next week we will be looking at designing pulleys.

Topic – This week we have continued working on our research, getting ready to make a class textbook for the library.   Next week the children will begin formulating their sections in groups.


  • Read the newspaper. You could choose a tabloid, or broadsheet article. Make a list of the features you can find. This website may help you in your analysis if you are struggling to identify the features. Think about why the journalist uses these techniques – what effect do they have on the reader?
  • http://www.slideshare.net/missbec/newspaper-headlines-and-leads
  • Maths focus: The 6-ness of 6! Practice your 6 times tables, 60 times tables, 600 times tables, 0.6 times tables! Practice the related division facts too. How many ways can you make 6? How many questions can you think of with the answer 6? Test on Tuesday.