Friday 6th October 2017

Dear parents and carers,



Thank you to any parents who came to watch our class assembly!



This week the class have read chapter 7 from the Power of Reading book called ‘A Monster Calls.’ Pupils continued to build on their inference skills. They explored the characterization of non-main characters and had to unpick vocabulary/phrases from the text to decipher a character’s motives, thoughts and emotions. From this pupils planned and wrote another diary entry (last week they wrote one from the perspective of the main character). Pupils were encouraged to utilize my marking from last week’s diary and improve through this week’s writing. They were encouraged to layer figurative devices that were missing, such as similes and metaphors- this enabled them to write in a more empathetic and emotive manner and ensured that their writing had a lot more descriptive detail.



Children have explored prime and square numbers. Through collaborative problem solving, they investigated patterns in prime and square numbers, moving on to generate theories. All children had to prove or disprove their theory using concrete examples and they developed their mathematical thinking and reasoning by having to explain their choices regarding methodology, resources used and strategies to calculate. They had to verbally share this and write down using key mathematical vocabulary. We will build on this in the upcoming weeks.



In groups, pupils make even more circuits. They conducted scientific fair testing by selecting and changing different variables and noting down through observations how this altered the circuits. Some variables we tested included: changing the number of buzzers and observing how this affected the sound and changing the number of batteries used to see how this affected the brightness of a light bulb.



In their topic lesson, children found out about hieroglyphics and wrote their names and messages. They moved on to work on Egyptian masks- having looked at imagery depicting many animal figures on Egyptian masks, they designed their own masks to reflect their favourite animal.



The children will be sent home a spelling sheet and times tables sheet. This week’s times table is x 8. Children have been encouraged to complete corresponding division number sentences to showcase their knowledge of inverse operations.

For English, they have been given activities on the possessive apostrophe.


Thank you and have a lovely weekend.