Krasner Class Newsletter                                    Friday 7th October 2016
Dear Parents and Carers,


English – This week we have been finishing our last chapters of our autobiographies, based on our memories of our first year of school. It has been a most enjoyable project, and I hope you enjoy reading some of them next time you are in school! We have a few finishing touches to put to them over the weekend – please see homework. Next week we will be looking at some poetry from the anthology ‘Falling out of the Sky’, looking specifically at Norse myths and Greek myths.


Maths – This week we have been looking at fractions, decimals, percentages, equivalences and calculating percentages of amounts.   The children have a clear grasp of what the three expressions mean, and have enjoyed calculating with them and converting between them. This needs ongoing practice, so we will revisit this again later in the year.


Next week we will be focusing on place value and reasoning, specifically looking at negative numbers. We will also look at the place value of decimals, and continue to relate this back to our understanding of fractions and percentages. We will practice calculating with decimals too, to consolidate our understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.



Science – This week we have made the various parachute needed for our experiments into the different factors affecting air resistance. Next week we will be conducting the experiment and recording our results, as well as beginning to draw conclusions about our findings.


Topic – This week we have learnt about the route the Vikings took to Britain, and where they settled. We have continued to look at artefacts and secondary sources to prompt questions about Viking culture. Next week, we will begin looking into our chosen areas of study, and research the details needed for our presentations.




I have not been able to log in to Spell Anywhere to upload the list yet, but I will try again this weekend so keep checking back if you use the programme to help you practice. I will put them in Year 6 Krasner under ‘List 4’.




English – finish off any chapters that you need to. Remember all of the key elements you need to include

  • humorous and formal details
  • paragraphs that link,
  • ‘reality shifts’ and ‘time travel’ to put the reader in your world
  • metaphors
  • expanded description of feelings, mood and atmosphere
  • allowing the reader to deduce and infer from your writing
  • punctuating properly


You could also improve any chapters you want to – see if you can squeeze in any more detail, without over doing it!


Any of the chapters that are messy/illegible/too crowded with additions, please copy out onto a fresh, clean page. This will help the reader, while not destroying the evidence of all the great editing and improving we have worked on.


If you have any photographs or illustrations you would like to add, now is your chance!


Please return all autobiographies by Tuesday morning.

You must not lose or forget your autobiographies. They are the evidence of three weeks of your hard work.



With best wishes,